Denice Nortez

Meet Denice

  • The most interesting thing about me is that I am ethnically diverse. I would say I'm a little bit of everything. Great phenomenon for a performer! A remarkable personal thing, that is not always fully understood. Let me explain. Because of this fact I can play just about anyone. As a character actor I am best in roles that are "in your face", intense, quirky, brassy, bawdy and flamboyant. You know how something could be so's funny. Anyway, I have a real knack when it comes to these roles. I would say as far as type goes I am a cross between Susie Essman & Rosie Perez. Presently I perform a "Poetry Piece" with my sister Aloydia Nortez, who is a Poet/ Actor. And I do a Jazz Night (Mondays) at: FOX HOLLOW (a country club) in Woodbury, NY. I sing with my husband Mr. Bongoz.
    Please contact me at:
    (516) 676-2197
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